The Oscar-nominated live-action shorts program…

…that’s touring to theaters is excellent. Go see them.


If you’re in Ohio, the annual dance-film festival that I curate at the Wexner Center for the Arts in Columbus is this Thursday the 8th. DANCE@30FPS (frames per second) is a festival of award-winning international dance-films. And it’s free, so what the hell.

There Are Good People. There is Hope.

Sarah Silverman’s Twitter exchange with a would-be troll gives hope for 2018.

The Icons on the home page

And the below mentioned new comedy, THE ICONS, is now on the home page. So if you like two-dimensional minimalist abstraction at its most HIII-larious… DO IT! DO IT NOW!

New Comedy

I’m very happy to debut my new comedy I made with my longtime collaborators, BodyVox. It’s THE ICONS.  Enjoy.  Share the love.

You won’t see many reviews in the Times…

…with this writing style anymore.

Some People Do Not Feel Their Birth Names Are Interesting Enough For Who They Are…

…and so try to spice them up. This is why we know them today as:

Ohn Cage
Ev Jobs
San Sontag
Rude Stein
be=Rt Einstein
Ob Rauschenberg
Dydydy Warhol
Tep Hawking
Ill Clinton
D’id Hockney
Noam Chomsky

I give a talk for the Ohio Arts Council

…and here it is. Talk talk talk.

Big Secret New Project

I’ve received a commission to make a new film. From a big organization. It’s a  big deal. But it’s a big secret. Come back in a year to see it. (Good story, huh.)