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Mime Not a Thing

Mime With Props (operative word WITH) was a piece I made in 1978, and this performance was 1983 at Dance Theater Workshop. When I was putting together “The Mitch Show” in 2007, I resurrected it but it completely bombed. Mime was no longer part of the culture and so couldn’t be satirized.

The Backfire Effect, and our Relationship to Truth

Fascinating.  Read.

When Education Was Admired

John F. Kennedy speaks about the value of education and service.

Rock Nerds

As a demonstration of what a sophisticated choreographer I used too be, here’s a quickie excerpt of a piece from 1979. The premise is that Jerry Pearson and I have a company called CHOR-ROCK that choreographs flashy moves for rock musicians, and this is a sales presentation of our (ridiculous) wares.

Love Kubrick? The Shining? Standby For Happy…

Watch this.

So Much Dance Content

I teach filmmaking in the Ohio State U. Dept of Dance and we’ve just launched a new Gallery website that shows off all the fabulous content we produce here: performances, dance-films, research, etc.  Check it out at

A Life With Captions

So my wide and I were watching The Man in the High Castle just now and we had the closed captioning turned on because sometimes it can be hard to understand the German accents. And the screen has those transcriptions of sound effects coming on, like [telephone rings] and [door closes]. And outside of our house there’s thunder. And on the screen it says [thunder]. Surreal when your life begins to get closed captioning. (But not inappropriate for a show about alternate realities.)

Happy St Pats Day

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