Big Secret New Project

I’ve received a commission to make a new film. From a big organization. It’s a  big deal. But it’s a big secret. Come back in a year to see it. (Good story, huh.)



Attention: Dance Educators

The Ohio State University Department of Dance (where I am a professor) is conducting a search for an assistant professor. If you know of anyone who has experience in community engagement through art-making, please let them know about what is really an exciting position and an opportunity to join a wonderful department. Here’s the info.

Coming Soon to a Computer Screen Near You

(Like the one you’re looking at right now.) I’ve been working hard for the last two months on a new film, THE ICONS.  It’s almost done—the composer is working on it now.  But in the meantime, here’s the trailer.

You CAN Go Home Again

On my way back from Jacob’s Pillow, I stopped off in the house in Newton MA that I grew up in. The folks who live there now were generous enough to allow me to prowl around for an hour. An astounding experience. So many of the little things are exactly the same as they were. Even the birch logs in this photo ARE THE SAME ONES! I had thought this would be an alien experience, but it was simply me going home.

Pillow Talk

I had a wonderful time at Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival on Friday giving a “Pillow Talk” on Exquisite Corps. The Pillow is dance heaven. And it was fantastic  to be back for the first time since 1980… when my company performed there.

A New Dance-Film. Right Here, Right Now!

I’ve been working hard on a new dance-film for the last three months, and am thrilled to publish it today! It’s a different kind of a thing for me, but I had the idea and wanted to try it.

You can see it here.

And you can see The Making Of here.

(I’ll add it to my website in a few weeks.)

New Film in the Works

Really psyched about a new film project I’m working on. It involves both motion capture and green screen shooting, and has been one of the most mentally challenging films I’ve ever made. Here was us last week working on the motion capture.

Too busy to make it to the movies?

Watch three movies in three seconds.



Mime Not a Thing

Mime With Props (operative word WITH) was a piece I made in 1978, and this performance was 1983 at Dance Theater Workshop. When I was putting together “The Mitch Show” in 2007, I resurrected it but it completely bombed. Mime was no longer part of the culture and so couldn’t be satirized.